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In a few weeks my life will yet again only have one purpose: Coming home downloading the latest O.c episode from the states.

Is Trey dead? What's gonna happen to Marissa? Will Summer and Seth hold on to eachother more than two episodes?


Also the best action/drama series Lost will start again.

What's up with the numbers? What the hekk was that **** in the ground? Will there be a Locke situation?


Don't call me a...whatever but Desperate Housewives got me hooked.

Did Mike die? Is that little bi*ch Mike's son? Wassup with the black family moving in?

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i saw the first series of desperate housewives, i really liked that so i cant wait for the next series.

We have just got Lost over here, we are only on about the 5/6th episode, (so no1 give anything away), im going on a plane soon too so that damn show freaked me out a little bit, but i still love it. i dont watch the oc tho.

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Naaah O.C is the ****.. Incredible dialougues and acting. The scripts is also very fun. Cliché... maybe... but good.

Yeah that Lost finale was disappointing. The shows tarted off very well, but went into som drama type of thing. the last 3-4 episodes were good but the last one was so so.

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Julie you have to download the episodes! Thats what I've done and its great! I'm just about to watch the season finale! It gets better!

My only qulam with Lost is that it moves to slow and it has WAAAAAAAAY too many recap episodes! But maybe thats because I got well into Prison Break and thats so fast paced!

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