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JJFP shoutout i did on radio


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ok well on the talkshow i was at today we were talking alot about hiphop and movies. he asked me who my favourite was and i said Will Smith :dope: well anyways we spent most of the time talking about will in movies music etc... then at the end he asked me if i had to make any shoutouts! or say any plugs... so i said

" Look out for will smiths new single party starter... cop that album its great... also i would like to shoutout the Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince Fan Club at www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com be there or be square"

then the guy i did the interview with was like talking about how he watched every freshprince i was lauging.....

well thought i'd let you guys know!!! :dope: :rockon: :wickedwisdom: :2thumbs:

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i called in and was talkin to the guy an gave some suggestions and hes like you know what... we want you on the air... you gave suggestions etc and i went on it was a really good oppertunity

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thx 4 answering. and u know what tho? You can use these kind of opportunities to ur advantage, without 'taking' advantage of ppl. Since he held a high impression of u, I think it wouldn't hurt if you tell him abt ur situation, and u could land a little part time job at that station. Alot of on air personalities like to reach out into the community to help ppl in financial situations like urself. Age doesn't play a factor in some situations, especially if they see you at a disadvantage financially, but a strong willed young person..

its worth giving a try...



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