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to all of you bass players...

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main riff:

A|------------9------------------ ---9--------------||

So now you have a good reason to start play bass of guitar... it's the cool riff of the 1st track of homebase...

:peace: PEACE :peace: Edited by the fresh is here
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It's actually not really the riff from "I'm All That"...it sampled from another song (which the title slips my mind at the moment). I used 2 play guitar but since i listened 2 Hip-Hop i didn't have any motivation 2 stick with it...so i skipped over 2 piano and keyboards where i learned 2 play some stuff from the later JJ+FP albums. The technical side of playing music and the limits of how u could express yourself with a musical instrument frustrated me 2 much so i just stopped.

Did u figure it out just play experimenting? My friend dose that (and it drives me insane). He'll sit there just guessing how 2 play a song until he gets it down.
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cool thanx!

I dont play bass but i play the accoustic and electric guitar, but it will be the same thing. I used to get tab of the guitar tab universe website but i stopped coz ppl kept putting up a load of rubbish that wasnt the right tune, but i will try this one out. Im sure its the right tune lol, i trust u as a Will Smith fan.

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