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Things I'm Selling/Willing to Trade


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Well, if you have a burner, make a copy extra copies of some of them cds that U know for a fact U can sell. I could've made a killing on 50's Massacre cd, but my people r jerks. And to kill 2 birds with one stone, maybe download all of Da Brakes stuff, and get a buzz going for him and cash in your pocket. Vipa (DJ GTS) has a nice mix cd available too. Any form of currency U just happen to find on the ground, pick it up. Every bit counts. Maybe U got a skill in something that's competitive. (video games, sports, etc.) Hustle 'em if possible or just str8 up in there face whoop their behinds. :lolsign: Just some small ideas.

btw, would asking what it's for kinda kill off your help?

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sounds good i gotta get in touch with both of them then.... im going on a radio show tommrow i can ask them to play da brakes stuff

yeah i used to hustle alot mostly clothes thought popin tags and stuff.. but then with all the bad stuff that happened in my lifed turned me more towards god insted of doing that ****.

BTW what do you mean by the last question you asked homie??

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well first i9 need money because my parents wont pay for supplies for me anymore i.e. (food, and or clothes, and or school stuff) and school starts in a couple of weeks and i have no job. also i need money for my perscribed pills aswell.

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first of all do you have pay pal thats the question homie... or you can always send a money order.

for price i was looking on Ebay.ca and the cheapest they had was $46.04 and it was 37.00 for the psp.... so with thoes being both over 30 ill sell it to you fro $30 +shipand handle plus ill throw in any cd you want for an extra 5$ optional

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