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Will pimp-slapping paparazzi?

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What happened is that the paparazzi have one guy taping the incident and another guys causing it... So one guy would walk over to a star and harass them, yet all the while trying to act innocent. Will recognized this and said in his words that if they wanted something for their film, he would give them something. As a result, he pimp smacked the dude who was harassing him.

If ya'll didn't know, Will's pimp hand is WAAAYYY STRONG....

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i know violence is wrong and stuff but this is pretty funny. If some1 was annoying me and filming it i probably would have done the same thing, i bet they didnt mess with him again tho.

That thread on the other forum is great too, lol Carlton is more street than eminem. :3-laugh3: :3-laugh3: :3-laugh3:

slightly unrelated has any1 posted the promo post over there, they are talking about him being a pioneer, it would be good to make sure they know about the album.

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I'd probably do the same thing, the paparazzi are absolutely ridiculous. He trained to be Muhammad Ali, I wouldn't want to get hit by him!

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