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There's alot of unathorized "Switch" and "Party Starter" remixes out there. Some are good...some suck. I was wondering if y'all could post all of the A+ quality unathorized remixes. By A+ quality, i mean that the sound quality is top notch and that the beat blends/fits the acapella. Please don't post those so-called mixes that have beats that don't match the vocals, or the vocals are so sped up or slowed down that they dont' make sense.

My computer has been acting up for the last few months and i haven't been able 2 download over half of the unathorized remixes. So whoever contributes 2 this post, i want u 2 know that i'm very thankful 4 this.

Thanx in advance!

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Sorry Tim, i always go straight 2 the board so i didn't even know they were there. Silly me.

Joe, i actually like that remix...ha ha. Don't get me wrong, i don't think it's amazing or anything...but i still like it. I actually got the mixtape/CD it's on so i could own a quality version of it.

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I understand where your coming from. But i dont think it blends well. It's just something you really wouldn't expect. A lil Jon remix of switch. I'm not suprised you got it on CD, you have everything else. haha

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