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Not Work Safewho are the hottest girls in da world


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Guys, this thread is starting to get semi-pornographic, and moreover, there are ladies on the site. Lets try to show a little respect and keep things clean. Thanks.

I say it's alrite... everyone knows the limits (I hope) and if it turns nasty then even I :lol: will be shutting it down...

I dont think what I just put up was that nasty.. She als has nude pics, so I allready took it easy :lolsign:

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yeah Max has a point, its topics like these that make me look in the mirror and say "Oh God im so fat!!!!! Im not going out tonight unless i can wear a bag on my head." :paperbag:

See what you guys are doing to Julie.

No, in all seriousness though, it's one thing to say that someone is fine, but it's an entirely different thing to ogle and post half naked to 3/4 naked pictures of women... Like I said, we do have ladies on the board... let's be a little respectful.

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I suppose every few weeks somebody could post a really large ugly female to compensate? Or Julie and Turntable could create a 'sexy men' thread? :rofl:

Dat could work :stickpoke:

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well i was going to haha, but i dont think there are enough women on this site to keep it going, it would just be me posting pictures of men. Then i'd get a reputation. :1-cool:

Lol, your reputation couldn't be worse than Jonny's. You'd be ok. :kekeke:

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