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Not Work Safewho are the hottest girls in da world


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well as far as celebs who i have a crush on go

Christina Milian

Isla Fisher

Tatyana Ali

Shannyn Sossamon

and a British actress called Stephanie Leonidas

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wow guys thats well weird, Then again i guess in Brakes case actors come across each other a fair few times.

I just think she's really cute and a pretty talented actress from what i've seen her in.

The poor soap Night & Day aside, that was just weird

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hm .. my favourite celebrity hotties are:

Jessica Alba  :mygod:

Brittany Murphy

Alexis Bledel

mh .. thats it ..  :daveuidiot:

You must have loved sin city then !!

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I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that Turntable really likes Janet. I could be wrong. :lolsign:

My list is too long to write but here are a couple of ladies I'm smitten with:

Ms. Angelina Jolie


Ms. Sanaa Lathan


Ms. Serena Williams


Ms. Sophia Vergara


Ms. Elise Neal


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