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Favorite Fat jokes


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Guest the kid

Vivian: Is that health insurance person still in there with your uncle?

will: yea

Ashley: I hpe hes alright.......im worried about daddy

Will: yo i heard him tell uncle phil that he got Dunlap syndrome

Everybody at the table: Dunlap syndrome....whats that?

Will: it means his belly done lapped over his belt

(or something like that :lolsign: )

i think its past his waist

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not really a fat joke, but it is implied...

Geoffrey: "Of all the rooms to burn down in your uncle's house... the kitchen! Are you mad, boy?"

Jazz: "Man I'm hungry. When y'all eat around here?"

Uncle Phil: "We eat here later. You eat here never.

Jazz: "Looks like you eat here often.

Will: "My uncle's twice the man you'll ever be!"

Judge Robertson: "Ohh, he's got my vote!"

Will: "At least my uncle stands for something!"

Judge Robertson: "What's that? A buffet?!"

Jazz: "Yo Mr. Banks! My tubbie, judicial brotha!"

**Uncle Phil throws Jazz out of the house**

Uncle Phil: "My God... that bug isn't going to get the best of me! Now I know how Captain Ahab felt when he was chasing Moby Dick!"

Geoffrey: "Between the two of you, the cricket is the whale?"

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haha yeah some of thoes are good ones....

what about

(when the dance guy teachin uncle phill to dance)

dance teach--- there you go shake that grove thing..!!

Jeffory---- if thats a groove thing the grand canyons a Ditch!

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Will and Carlton got sued by uncle phil for not paying their rent for the pool house. Will is saying his opening statement

Will: But I know the TRUTH!!! (slams his fist on uncle phil's brief case)

Uncle Phil: Objection!!!! Will is makeing a mochary of the entire legal system

Will: And He is makeing a mochary of a finely cut italion suit (the suit uncle phil was wearing)

Carlton and Will throwing a party when the were told not to.

Carlton: Have you seen dad lately?

Will: Well that is either a Rhino with his horn chopped off or him.

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Guest crysTRILL

George (or whoever, from the episode will and his girl went to counseling)

Yo' daddy so fat, when he went to school... he sat next to everybody. But still, he wasn't as fat, as ya' fat momma!

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From the episode were Philip has a heart attack

Philip - Will could you do me a favour

Will - Uncle Phil we're not stoping for no burger!!

Haha! It's even funnier when the doctor offers to go get a burger for him! "With the sirens on, we won't have to wait" :lolsign:

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