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well im gonna start running everymorning before daybreak and i need some good music i just wondered if u guys had any songs that get u determined

Breathe - Fabolous

Much More - De La Soul

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Since U mentioned Eric B + Rakim, I think the tracks where it's Eric B DJing up something is good.

Eric B + Rakim - As The Rhyme Goes On (and much like it, U will too; keep running)

Kid Frost - La Raza

DMX - Who We Be

Will Smith - Yes Yes Y'all (and ya don't stop will be a nice hinting message to ya)

Memphis Bleek - In My Life

Might I suggest "Eye of the Tiger". U'll literally feel like your running up those stairs in Philly. Just be sure not to pass out because some will take your wallet.

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I feel techno dance music is more enjoyable to listen to while running. Try Prodigy's "Fat of the Land" or "Music For The Jilted Generation" albums. Also Chemical Brothers, Enigma, Deep Forest, Paul Oakenfold are nice to listen to. Try it, Kittyboy, and tell me how many Kgs you have reduced. :azzangel:

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I don't run, but i do excercise. And actually made a Hip-Hop mixtape 2 listen 2 while doing it....2 keep me moving. It's actually filled with nothing but JJ+FP, LL Cool J, Marky Mark, and Run-DMC. I got FP, LL, and Marky on there simply becuz they are not only amongst my favorite emcees, but them brothas are in shape. Having a someone u always admired growing up who is in shape and come from a similar place u do is always good inspiration. Run-DMC is on there not just cuz they are also amoungst my favorite artists of all time, but becuz their music is loaded with energy.

Here's a few trax off the CD...

JJ+FP - Boom! Shake The Room (Street Remix)

JJ+FP - Don't Say Nothin'

JJ+FP - Potnas

FP - Act Like U Know

LL COOL J - Mama Said Knock You Out

LL COOL J - I Make My Own Rules

LL COOL J - Deepest Bluest


LL COOL J - 10 Million Stars

MARKY MARK - Good Vibrations

MARKY MARK - U Gotta Believe

MARKY MARK + ONE LOVE - That's The Way I Like It

MARKY MARK - No Mercy (Hip-Hop Mix)

MARKY MARK - Don't Sleep

RUN-DMC - Down With The King

RUN-DMC - It's Like That (Jason Nevins' Remix)

RUN-DMC - The Kings

RUN-DMC - Rock Show

U should check these track out either way cuz they are all dope.

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yeah you want high energy songs.. boom! shake the room's a good one..alphabet aeroboics and release by blackalicious would be good.. a lto of good ones have already been mentioned :davidblaine:

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