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Your top 5 WillSmith Movies?


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for me, personally (in no particular order...)

- Men in Black. He was just perfect here as Agent J. Great laughs, wicked effects, pimpin' toys, and original story... good stuff.

- Bad Boys II. I like both "Bad Boys" movies, but this one really upped the ante in terms of action and comedy. The first movie had more of a schtik because of the situation of Will and Martin Lawrence's characters having to switch places. Here, it's more of a straight-up buddy flick with bad-ass heroes and villains. Gotta love the Ferrari...

- Enemy of the State. Wicked thriller, touching upon the concept of Big Brother; trust no one...

- Hitch. This movie was a nice change of pace... we're all used to seein' Big Will take on much more action-oriented roles, but this movie solidified him back to his more comedic roots... good movie for a date ( :dope: )

- Six Degrees of Separation. I'm putting this movie as one of my favourites because his role, here, was definitely a departure from his later work. I use this movie, along with Ali, to show unbelievers that Will can definitely act and move away from his more action-oriented & "Fresh Prince" type roles. His role as a gay con-artist is definitely moving and very innocent, which, at the time this was released, was a far cry from the headstrong, ladies' man we were used to seeing on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"... good stuff.

Honorable mentions...

I, Robot- dope action/sci-fi flick... unlike his previous action flicks like "Bad Boys," "Men in Black," & "Independence Day", Smith's character here was far more driven. He was still, in essence, a smart-ass, but was clearly a much more damaged character.

Ali - no doubt... "the champ is here!"

Independence Day - hahaha... definitely here to whoop ET's ass...

Bad Boys- fresh start to a fresh movie series.

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