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A day at the willsmith.com forum...


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Genuis, simply genuis...


Why do you like Will??

How many house do u think Will has?

Will has maids?

Do you think Will Smith is HOTT?

Will's Pick Up Lines

i met will smith and he kissed me!!!!!!!!!

aint will just da best artist eva

do will have a fan club?

how crazy are you about will?

Hey Do any of Yall know will smiths middle name???

if will smith wasnt married would you marry him?

who knows what brand of cologne will wears

how many lawsuits/ legal probs has will had?

have you guys had dreams about will?

can you do the carlton?

so r we gona write will a letter

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the board is a place ffull of lorettas. i try do help a bit but with that amount of spammers it is hard to do something. the only true fans are big_willie brandonlutts2000 and the prince, aj and a couple more whose names i do not remember. put the ratio spammers to fans is like 1000 to 1

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actually 'i met will smith and he kissed me!!!!!!!!! ' is a true story , and brandonlutts2000 has several usernames (brandonL, cant remember) and even though he's a guy he keeps writing 'I LOVE WILL' 'I'm will's biggest fan!!!' even though he couldn't even answer a couple simple questions about JJFP.


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i know wills middle name lol thats about all i know from those catagories. that is so sad. im glad that our forum is like a family. which it is.if you've been to another forum they all yell at each other and are so mean. everyone is so nice here.

(600th post :Party_fest09:)

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I crack up laughing when I see topics like "whats his shoe size" n "Is Will married". But it is sad. That ppl who claim 2 be fans 4 like ever but don't even know his first album was.

2many Lorettas there. N a lot of trash talk. Ppl just ready 2 jump on sumbody over there.

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But at the end of the day, they are also Will Smith fans. Agreed, they tend to go overboard with their discussions. But still they are creating these topics in honour of Will Smith. So I think we can find the heart to forgive them. :haha:

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