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U Wanna Keep Down


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Hey yall new song I started a couple days ago and just finished tonight. Let me know what you think. :pony:

U Wanna Keep Down


Well yes, no doubt

Artists are washed-out

Rap facing a lockout

Turn to the new standout

Some have falling-outs

Not this lyrical bout

Not this lyrical route

Hip Hop’s what I’m about

B-ball was first with the 3-peat Lakers

Had no handles so later switched my love to paper

I can, rock the bells, too hard to be taken

Chuck D helped me awaken to this world of debating

Hip Hop and politics never ran together until PE

Dropped Yo Bum Rush and ever since the 1980's

Pens have been racing to make it big in the league

Where the bigger you are the more you seem to achieve

Like baseball on steroids, some raps drone like droids

Rhyme lines gotta have a reunion like Pink Floyd’s

Lines gotta flow right, have the content to satisfy

Congress ratified the growing suspicion, I’m real fly

Not bad 4 1 3, not following the wrong themes

Doing it my way, all for me, somebody scream

Yeah, I like how we do it in the old skool

With the old skool fools having lyrical duels

You can’t claim I’m criminal, Bush did kill all our people

Over war was not intentional, but this rhyme is subliminal

If I did destroy hip hop, I wouldn’t have stopped

Til y’all were in shock at this lyrical hop

Lyrical, lyrical, I’m the lyrical miracle

They fear and cower cause my raps are spherical

Dope all around, I rock your world and I’m invincible

This is easy convincing y’all I rhyme for my principles

And ya can’t doubt me now, the crowds I can wow

Abilities showing like a smile you wanna keep down

Things ain’t bright, Ronny needs his heart right (Ronny pronounced “Row-Knee”)

Operations take time, recover’s a bigger plight

Know that if you ever try to pull the trigger

On yourself or your rhymes, just dig a little deeper

Nothing’s worth having if its not worth a fight

I’ll excite you, I might, not black or white

Custard’s not popular, nor do they slight

Us, some say words do make up your life

YOUR words, so don’t give up easily in a heist

Saw this woman on TV, got freaky, what a bitch B

Slept with a 1 3 year old had his kids, Je-sus

The word lust with underage will keep you from being free

You can’t keep deny it stop trying it, you staying with me?

When you’re compared to a twig, then drive a big rig

There’s something behind the wig, like there’s a zag to a zig

And ya can’t doubt me now, the crowds I can wow

Abilities showing like a smile you wanna keep down

In mid-field I kick it

In the rink I stick it

Blame yourself for missing it

Could’ve seen a poet ripping it

But sometimes I just can’t rhyme, I just can’t flow

Blank as a White House without the president’s gold

Can’t make rhymes up, can’t critique them soundly

Mentally feel fed up and like a sentencing, lonely

Writer’s block, like we’ve all hit the wall

Either bounce back up or sit back and take the fall

They say you’ve run outta ideas, you rap for kids

More of a pop rapper than I have ever witnessed

Well damn, Will Smith don’t need to cuss to sell records

I don’t need to lie and be hectic ‘cause I’m dope best believe it

I’ll take you to the Candy Shop, what a classic you’re creating

For the mommas tryna sucka a kid into behaving

Your rap could use a sedative, don’t try to be so sensitive

Sleep, don’t come back its imperative, you’re like a fat relative

My rhymes can be described by any positive adjective

Your lines from a lyric generator with the same old sh*t to give

You gotta feel me because my rhymes can’t miss

Like Kobe’s 12 threes, all you can hear is swish

And I’m out.

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