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Chappelle Show is Done?


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that sucks soo bad i swear i watch the show all the time i have the dvds for god sake damn Chapelle better not cancle its probally because hes been told a thousand times to tone it down an that'll kill anyones pride

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I didn't click that link...but i read a week or 2 ago from one of the people in his crew saying that it's most likely over and that we can expect a DVD 2 be released with the skits that they taped so far. I liked the show alot, but i had a feeling it waz ending soon 4 some reason. It waz a struggle 2 get him 2 do the 3rd season in the 1st place.

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i heard of skits that he was gonna do for the 3rd season, one untitled "the n*gga fairy". but id like him to get better from his addicted or whatever it is that caused him to postpone the serious. and maybe he might do it later on.

and both of the seasons are on dvd already. and it is a shame that it might end, but its not the worst thing ever, yeah its sad but i have the two seasons.

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