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i did this for a play i did in drama my first monolouge haha its pretty good..

It never rains but it pours. Thats starting to seem pretty real right now. I really messed up didn't I. My son even left to join the army because of what I did. I guess I shouldn't have held a gruge against him for not wanting to help me out. Look at where it got me. All I thought about in jail was home, my wife, my kids, my job, and my life. I have a whole life ahed of me, I guess I got to start taking a stand, nobody respects you for sitting down, and thats what I've been doing my whole life. Never thought it would go this far, but you can't expect everything right.Well I guess I should end this on a good note, but its hard when you don't know where to start, so I guess I should talk to my son and say I'm sorry, maby that'll clear my head a little bit.

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