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Poem-Life is hard

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i wrote this for english and i got a 84 on this

Life is hard...

its liek i'm playing poker with the wrong cards.

walking a distance but i'm walking to far.

gietting in to drive but i drive to far

its hard, when you really don't know who you are

when your heart deep inside

crushes your pride

pushes your emotions to the side

with the look in your eyes

you would think you got it pretty good

but your still walking forward with the wrong foot

haing things where they aint supposed to be put

my whole lifes a huge struggle

its like i'm a clow but i can't juggle

im trying to learn the tricks of the trade

its either sit and get played

or let my shoulders be weighed

with the whole world on my back

its like i've gone to far to ever come back.......

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