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What slogans could Will use,if he became President

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Even if he never does it, if Will ran for US president in future, what are your most witty and imaginative ideas on what serious or humorous slogan/s you'd like to see him use in a presidential campaign and why ? Of course anything that he's already mentioned in any of his songs (or a variation of anything he's rapped about), are a good starting point.

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"Hey America, don't mean to bust your bubble

but the Bush supporters ain't nothin' but trouble!" :lolsign:

haha me too!!

"why should i try to put out whats out?

thats whats right wrong with the white house right now.

its like a middleschool with a bunch of clowns.

with a buch of democrats that id probally vote circles around....Vote Smith.. for president!! :2thumbs: " haha

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Haha, it would be funny if he did one of those promotional campaign videos like the one he 'edited' for Uncle Phil on FPOBA, I might make one if I have some spare time and if I can be bothered...

Yeah I saw that episode today. That part always cracks me up! "I'm running for superior court judge! Ju-ju-judge ju-ju-judge!" "I'll take a bite out of crime! Bi-bi-bite bi-bi-bite!" :lolsign:

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