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Life's Lullaby


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Hey guys, this is something I wrote a couple days ago when I was up north visiting some of my relatives. Feedback appreciated. :pony:

Life’s Lullaby


There are times I sit blank with a song in the bank

How can I top the last without leavin my rep to tank?

New slate of ideas holdin my head high

Determined to make up even if I’m a hair shy

Cause the rap game’s like a troll, comin at me some more

Times I can’t control, yet its qualities I adore

I swing with newer things, have to conquer it somehow

My mind can’t remember a thing each time I black out

I feel like the ring king on the verge of defeat

Glorious all these years on the verge of being beat

Hatin the way the rap game routinely prevails

Gettin the best of me, always confusing me to hell

Once they wanted kid friendly, fun to pop into rap

Now its all on tv, the gangster rap attack

Who knew the troll has its way of confusin its prey

Took all my dreams away, I began to walk astray

Debating about returning but I couldn’t seem to think for a moment

Nerves that got the best of me wouldn’t

Let go, but now I’m beginning to rock slow

How does a sun that can rise so high remain so low?

sat and thought about it watching clouds fly by

Used to be my imagination, now its high up in the sky

I could be patiently waiting for an opportunity to shine

Or I could lead a charge and dominate what’s rightfully mine


I am battling til the end

With no such thing as a friend

I’m giving it my everything, no one’s gotta hand to lend

I’ve been waiting from the day I was sent

Into this world as a replacement

For fallen MC’s that were taken

Outta this world by God’s calling

And I am battlin til the end

Hip hop’s coming up with newer themes

Up to me to try and fit in with its new gene

Still stay true to myself, not a gangster by any mean

Middle class, rappin my a-- off, I still stay lean

This is the meaning of hip hop and what y’all deeemed as

Rap flooded with crap actually flows like a stream

The high school phenom, moms love me more than Mr. Clean

Still a part of the teens, head rushing full of steam

Head start but not pop like the Ateens

Abba rip offs when I’m the only one with my genes

Pick up the fans when rappers deteriorating

Have a hand in the rap stand its appearing it seems

That whenever the game changes critics insinuating

Next one worse than the last, at least thats the billing

I can pop ur jaw leave you with a gold filling

PE said Brothers gonna work it out, well asians too are willing

My pen’s like a breath, my pads like the sky

Endless amount of questions create my life’s lullaby

The crowd so high, cant wait to hear how I survived

Harsh criticisms, lies yet still have the head to strive

Strive for the best, ya nothing if you don’t try

Talent gets you nothing besides the occasional high

Its not the sh-t you buy, born with it, otherwise

You’ll have a hard time deciphering my words so take the poet’s advice

And you will see I was born with the ge-

nius gifts, talented, which you never could be


My pen’s like a breath, my pad’s like the sky

Endless amount of questions create my life’s lullaby


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There are times I sit blank with a song in the bank

How can I top the last without leavin my rep to tank?

That's the best start ever. Your use of certain wordings were unbelievable, KBF. Really nice talent you've got there. :2thumbs:

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