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>>Magic (MC Magic)
Magic Is the founder of Nastyboy Klick and/or NB RIDAZ. He writes lyrics , produces music , and pretty much has created
the style which we call : Latino Hip Hop Ballads, Since age 13 He began playing with keyboards and drum machines trying to create music. Even though he does not read nor write music, playing by ear he has given us hits like "Lost In Love" , "Down for Yours", "Perfect Man" , "Runaway" and many more .Magic is also the owner of Nastyboy Records . Currently he is producing new music for the Medallion cd which is due out Summer of 2003.

Dos is the one ladies say has the "sexy voice", Growing up in Glendale,AZ He was a member of several early latino hip hop groups. In 1997 he hired Magic to produce a song for his 1st solo release. But after working in the Studio with Magic and L-Dogg, Everyone agreed that the song "Down for Yours" would be the perfect song for the newly formed group Nastyboy Klick. Dos is also the director of choreography and pretty much arranges the stage show for NB RIDAZ .Currently he is starting a new business and plans to
record music with his son, Lil A. As well as continue giving the ladies what they want to hear from NB RIDAZ.

>>ZIG ZAG ( or Ziggy)
Ziggy was introduced to Magic in 1995 when they began recording music for Magic's 2nd full cd .He was given a beat on a cassette at lunch time and by the time He got off work he showed up at the studio with a song called "AZ Side".Which Became another hit from "Tha 1st Chapter". Zig Zag is both a lyricist and singer, always ready to write another classic verse like the 1st verse on "Runaway". Currently Zag is writing songs for two cds .The new NB RIDAZ cd and the first solo cd for himself. look for more hits from Mr. Zig Zag in the near future.
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