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4 New Party Starter Banners

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I needed a task to take my mind off something so I decided to make these banners for Party Starter promotion. To make the banners into links (which you need to do in order for the track to play), use the code I've put underneath the banners...





This is the code most forum signatures will accept (including the hyperlink), change the asterisk in the img tag to either 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on which banner you want to show...

[url=http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/interscope/willsmith/lostandfound/audio/partystarter/96_partystarter-radio.asx] [img=http://www50.brinkster.com/bigjonny5ive/images/partystarterbanner*.jpg] [/url]

I think we really need to get behind this single so it would be cool if you put one of the banners as your signature on other forums you visit. It's also good that people can just make one click on the banner and be listening to the track within seconds... let me know what you think :2thumbs:

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Yeah, only problem with that is Tim, I'm not allowed to upload any more stuff at the moment because I have 'Global Space Left - 2.62k', anyway I'm not sure how it would work if people wnated to put them as signatures... I might have to put this little project on hold for tonight because it's getting late... I'll conjour something up tomoro!

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here's the problem Jonny, ur host provider (brinkster.com) doesn't suppost "indirect linking". they want u 2 only link ur pics on ur own webpages, no on other people's pages. the reason? it uses up more of their bandwith when u have all those extra people viewing it. and no, i haven't ever seen ur sig b4, but i have now! wow it's nice! i suggest u find a different host that allows u 2 host pics and link them wherever u want like http://www.picgoo.com

nice banners by the way :2thumbs:

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you should try Imageshack.us it works wonders for me i use it all the time!! by the way pretty nice banners... keep working hard man!! me and you should collab on some graphics an work togather to get a bunch of stuff up!! talk to me man

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