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Any info on the new Busta Rhymes?


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All I Know is that it's Coming out in September on Aftermath, and he released a song off of it claled "I'll Hurt You", Produced by scott Storch...

Any other info? I really can't find any, anywhere (not even aftermath's or Busta's official sites)....

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The albums name is "The Big Bang". That's all is posted in the Aftermath Website. And the stupid release date is posted as July 19 in his section but 'coming out soon' in the news section. :hmm:

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I think Aftermath probably pushed it back 'cause of Tony Yayo's album unfortunately, I hope it doesn't end up like the Rakim situation again, Busta should collab with Will someday, that'd be an awesome video! Busta's featured on The Pussycat Dolls hit song called "Don't Cha" I think, I remember seeing the video a few times on VH1 recently. btw, Did Q-Tip's album ever come out yet?

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I could see Busta Rhymes being on Aftermath a very good thing. Again, it is similar 2 the Rakim situation. U have an old school legend in your hands. And if u dont' give them the freedom and quality music that want, trouble 2 arise. Rakim is like the best emcee ever. People call him a legend cuz of what he dose...what gave Aftermath the room 2 try and mess with his style that would make him mad enuff 2 leave. U are supposed 2 cater 2 people like that, not jerk them around.

Just look at G-Unit and that stuff. Their image and music sucks. U can't treat people like Rakim the same way. Busta Rhymes waz supposed 2 be one of the songs on the Aftermath album from 1996. I can't rember the title, but i'd remember if i waz listening 2 the album. Politics kept him off it tho.'

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