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Public Enemy's album pushed back 'til Jan. '06!


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Chuck D of PUBLIC ENEMY fame has been a staunch supporter of downloading music on the internet ever since the birth of Napster, going as far as offering free downloads of his own material. It looks like that attitude might have come back to haunt him though as the Public Enemy record, Rebirth Of A Nation, which was scheduled to drop AUG 23rd, has now been reportedly pushed back to at least JAN 2006. Guess what it was due to? Though the official excuse from Guerilla Funk Records was that Public Enemy is promoting a similar record in the fall causing a conflict of interests, Rebirth has gone through some heavy bootlegging issues. Stay tuend for more, but if the album is to be pushed back, look for PE to respond with a whole new album next year.--

Chris Yuscavage


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I hope this is just a rumor, it'd be dissapointing if they delayed it this long! :thumbsdown:

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That's pretty sad... but also kinda funny.. hahaha

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The music industry's at a sad state right now, I hope it comes out eventually, well in the meantime I'll have to buy other PE albums to hold me over, I might save for the PE box set that's gonna be released on Def Jam in '07 to commerate 20 years in hip-hop, and there's some PE concert DVDs that came out recently too that I didn't get a chance to check out.

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