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ok well i made these 2 cd covers for fun because i was bored and its about 4:27 am here so i decided well ill give something new a try... I tryed to use the old fashion freshprince colours (Light Green, Yellow, and Purpleish pink) then when i mixed the brushes with the pictures and erased around jazz over with pink i thought it looked pretty cool check them out and let me know what you think... i know the colours are a little bright but its supposed to be sorta like season 1 dvd of FPOBA a little thoes kind of colours! :2thumbs:

With jazz in the corner


Without Jazz in corner


so let me know what you think remember it was all in good fun... so

Feed? negative or posative + suggestions :2thumbs:

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Definitley like the one without Jeff in the corner better. I did graphics a couple of years ago so I do have a little experience in this stuff. If you gonna put the pic of Jeff in the corner, you should make his head more visible and definitely not have his skin mixed with any other colour, it looks a bit freaky if you ask me. The rest is absolutley great tho, apart from I'm not 100% sure about the 'For da love..." text, I just don't really love mixing capitals and lower case letters, you defo got potential though :2thumbs:

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