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*New Song By Da Brakes*

Da Brakes

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[quote=Da Brakes,Jun 12 2004, 05:00 AM]I think somebody else on this board has told me I remind them a bit of E-$0!! Thats strange coz i don't think i've heard an E-40 track in my life!!

I recorded it thru headphones! If i would have done it thru speakers, i wouldn't be able to get a clera recording of my voice (eg if i wanted to prduce an acapella, then i'd still be able to hear the music in the background) The best way is to definately use headphones.

And Cool Edit Pro works on Windows 98!! Its the operating system that i'm using at the moment!!! I have to admit tho i did download my version!! :ohnoes:[/quote]
Where'd U download it from? I don't know why it doesn't work. It's just what I need too.
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Sorry I'm So Late Responding this man, I just never got much time..

First off, did you put that beat together? DAMN! That stuff is Hot. Secondly, i like your flow on this one too. All in All, Good job on this track. You woorking on gettin' Signed :)

I'll be buying that Brakes album...

PS: You use Reason for beats right?
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I have the second edition of Windows 98!!! I didn't make this beat but a friend on my Uni course did!!! I am working on getting signed!! I just need the right publicity and for the right person to hear my stuff!!

Reason i think is the best for making beats which i use!!!
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