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Held Me Down

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Hey, I wrote some lyrics..poem today. Got the inspiration from Bow Wow's track Let Me Hold U. Decided to wrote how a guy treats a girl and then splits up. Let me know what you think and advice is always appreciated.

Held Me Down

It all began when I found the right one

Was in the chillin in the mall

U gave me your number and said give me a call

U said “Let me introduce to my world

Wanna do u right cuz u a beautiful girl”

So I went home & picked up the phone

He asked me if I’m all alone

He told me to come to his crib

I’ll never forget everything we did

Next day we balled at the mall

You were the best never let me fall

We were like best friends

I thought you’ll be with till the end

There were no secrets, no pain, nobody playin games

My whole life had changed and rearranged to an exchange

My mother told me I was doing wrong

I explained to her how to kept me strong

Even your boyz thought you blowin me for dough

But they don’t understand the things we know

Next day it felt like fate

Got close together and had our 1st date

I told him he’s the one that I can trust

And our love will never crust

U kept me on the right track

Were always there 4 me when I needed your back

I knew you I would always do right

As long as you’re right there on my side

We flashed to your crib we chilled inside,

We spent some time in your ride

Days got harder as they flew

Times & memories together always blew

Day after day we went our separate ways

Never came back to the same place

We both drifted apart

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