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this was written back in 2003

dont take this the wrong way....... its just a song

We were friends since the first grade, and you went an turned you back.

now all i can think about is how to get you back.

you were there when i was down, when i needed a friend.

then you left out the blue, and i dont know where you went.

you told me we was cool, when we had it all.

then you left when we had nothing, without a call.

now you expecting me to do right, by my own decisions.

what happened that night, to what you said that day in the kitchen.

" we dawgs, your my homie, dont chu ever forget that."

then you left without a good bye, without giving my **** back.

hook: Rep X2

I don't know, where we went wrong.

i told you i would ride till the end,

but then i guess you weren't my friend.


I don't know why i trust you.

cause you left me there without a call,

and made me have to take the fall.

Remember.. back that day in december.

when the cops found out it was you in november.

you ran up in the house stole the money an all.

then you blamed it on me, and i took the fall?

you told me it wasn't you, that the cops got me on tape.

but i knew that was true, that it was jusr a mistake.

there was no cameras, and i was standing outside.

now how the hell did i belive that lie?

i guess i wasn't thinking, i was so confused.

now when i think about it, about how i got used.

i wish i could go back, an just rewind time.

leave you there by yourself ,to do that crime.

it was stupid, i was stupid, for beliveing you.

telling me brian, i belive in you.

you said you'll get the money, then be right back.

but you came out with a new coat, new shoes, and a hat. (how could you do that)

hook: Rep X2

I don't know, where we went wrong

i told you i would ride till the end

but then i guess you weren't my friend

I don't know why i trust you

cause you left me there without a call

and made me have to take the fall

I cant belive he blamed it on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me if you've ever had a friend turn your back!! in this thred

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damn this song totally got me goin the wrong way. at first, i thought by "friends" u meant a girl. i read it the whole way thru thinkin it was a girl, i shoulda figured it out when u were talkin about the stealin incident. then when u said " i can't believe he blamed it on me.." i realized u meant like a homie friend. anyways, this song was much better than the first. i've never had a friend just turn his back on me or like blame something on me. however, i've had friends that i thought were my friends, but then they started smoking weed and drinking all the time and since i'm not down with that, they don't like 2 hang out with me. it kinda sucks 2 cuz some of them are pretty smart and have a chance 2 do somethin with their lives, but i just hope they don't become alcoholics or turn 2 bigger, more life threatening drugs.

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yeah i had a friend who was averaging 91 this year at the beginning then he started to sell and he ended up doing 8 months yeah the first one i posted was juss an old song when i though it was coo to be gangster

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