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Cypher: Continuous rhyme

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ok heres how it goes 1 person spits till he wants to stop then the other person continues from there with the first line rhymeing with a first persons last line

ill start

gimmie a mic a pad-an-a-pen, im at it again,

masturbation Uh, just a habit-of-men, happen-ta-win

gimmie a fukin heart attack

spit shyt wit a harder rap

****s lit like ya daughtaz crack

aint stopin till i see a fukin platinum plaque

a "True story" finn ta make terror squad "lean back"

cause im Fresh-ta-def from my flows ta my clothes

got mo hoes den gates got dough...........

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  • Admin

that was dope tho

new member can spit and like J got flow

for real fa show I lead dont follow

I'm above and below when i bellow

hit all parameters from the hype to the mellow

you cant pinpoint this fellow

construct rhymes like lego

build blocks rise up send this from australia to the ghetto

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Mcs come up with broken bones

When they be spitting hopeless flows

But like the Fresh Prince I go where other rap boats don't go

Crossing borders like Mexico

I'm putting foes life supporters on hold

When they're trying to get me to mess up

I stand to shine so I continually step up

Like Busta Rhymes, watch me "Break Ya Neck", punk

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  • Admin

whats the scenario? emcees nowadays suck

I cant listen to half these cats throwaway raps

they arent expandin the horizion

its a monotonous display of rehashed tracks thats dividing

the hip hop community

its like the rich to those on social security

the gap widens

real skillful emcees busy grinding

gritty trying the steady climbing

but its hard when fake emcees rule the game up on empTYV lying

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yeh so true raps gon down the drain

now im back like will "born ta reighn"

people gon regonize or blow up findin

im on the block hustlin straight damn grindin

people know i got flow so the stick wit the track

cause homie u got mine then i got cho back.

cause u can work 9 ta 5 an styll aint got jack

im straight wit da lyrics like im on the mic testin

cause when i spit wit quick lick straight damn lessons

so study the flow go home an learn exceptions

cuz im sick on tha mic like a yeist infection

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When I bang shorties I make sure I use protection

Them wack mcs bore me, they have no aggression

'Cause they've fallin' off like Eminem to me 'cause they're "Losin' It"

Everything they spit on the microphone is useless

These rappers forget about the art of being an mc

All I hear from them is 'bout how many cars they're owning

They keep talkin' that foul, they'll eventually go broke and homeless

If you ain't got nothin' to rhyme 'bout, get off the mic homie

There's more 'bout life than just whores and rolling weed

When I drop an album a lot of fakes will be folding quickly

The first thing I'm gonna do is take your Rolle

And sell it so the unfortunate could be able to eat

Like DMX once said, "stop being greedy, keep it real potna, give to the needy"!

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yeah dats So true rap is an art not a job

you aint gotz ta be rapping bout who you've robbed

ya'll gotta get it straight, let it cordinate

an when the clouds is rain, let it more then hate

beacause the technique you usein ,

is the reason you loosin

an them beats you abusin, is more them Music

if you take it from me im jin "I-Quit"

and to tell you the truth i really don't give a s**t

I'm so mad at people saying they all that

repping where they at on they baseball caps

i don't need it nomore i can't stand the pressure

if guns was a subjet 50cent teach the lecture

common whats wrong with this world

letting innocent childern turn on other boys an girls

i aint gon say no more cause im the truth

you want sum real get me an bigted in teh booth //YA HEARD ME//

yoh man good rhyme man me an u shud doo a audio dawg holla

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