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Breaking News: Album drops out of top 50

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Maybe I'm the only one here who isn't going bananas over Will's sharp decline in sales over the last couple of weeks.

I think a lot of you guys are disappointed and a little angry that his sales have taken a dip but it's to be expected. There's really not much more he can do. Party Starter may or may not help but I don't think it will boost his sales to the point of Big Willie Style or even Willennium. He's spent a lot of time promoting the album since February. It's at the point where either you have the CD or you don't.

Why hasn't it sold more? I don't think it has to do with Will releasing Party Starter in August. I think it has to do with the fact that the music industry has just simply changed. An album like L&F should be doing 50 Cent numbers but the fact remains that society embraces negativity. People aren't trying to hear positivity in rap because they don't think "it's real". It's the reason why Christian rap won't sell because it promotes a lifestyle that is contradictory to a lifestyle that promotes money, sex, violence and drugs.

Will released this album to show people that he still "has it" but moreover I think he made this album because he loves music. We can't expect Will to be true to his music on one hand and then play politics with the industry on the other hand. Either you're a slave to the industry or you're not. Will achieved Gold status without the help of radio, BET, MTV and the rap industry at large. This album is a testament to the fact that he doesn't need the industry to make music and be successful. I'd rather see him go Gold with dignity than multi-platinum by being a lapdog to an industry that is full of nonsense and garbage.

I'm saying all of this to say... EVERYBODY CALM DOWN AND ENJOY THE MUSIC. Who cares what the industry thinks!

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that sucks wills good but his promotion is whack an his choices of singles arent excatly that good if i was him lost and found would be a good single the hook is catchy as fuk

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Like always...I feel y'all on this! I think this is Interscope not Will's fault! Remember...he performed Party Starter in South Africa back in June! So I thought it would have come out by now....August is just to late....I hope i'm wrong...but we are getting a new "Born To Reign" like senario!

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Wouldn't will go platinum if he had released like 4-5 video's in 3 months ?

and the final blow with tell me why around begin sept.

I think times have changed, and people ''as topdawg mentioned'' either buy it or not during a 3 month time, during that time it depends on how much a artist can expose to the audience, only switch won't help much.

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