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Wicked Wisdom Get's Booing On Ozzfest

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The scorched asphalt of the Tweeter Center's parking lot started to fill up at the unforgiving hour of 9 a.m., when one of this year's most anticipated (if for all the wrong reasons) bands was welcomed onto the stage by tour manager "Big Dave" Moscato: Wicked Wisdom, the aggressive new metal target fronted by black-garbed Jada Pinkett Smith. The "Woo" star was greeted with relentless booing and "f--- you"s from a furious sea of extended middle fingers as her five-piece band launched into "Fakeness," a Kittie-like tune that featured an almost spoken-word delivery from the headbanging Jada, spattered with unintelligible barks and growls.

"You think I don't know, don't you?" she asked the crowd. "But I do." Pinkett Smith laughed off the "you suck" chants and the concertgoers ridiculing her with grossly exaggerated moshing and neck-snapping headbangs through Wicked Wisdom's entire 20-minute set capped by a Disturbed-ish track called "You Can't Handle This." Screaming "Go Red Sox!" would have been Jada's best option for scoring applause.

Sporting band and Sox T-shirts, bikini tops, intricate tattoos, and an early-morning buzz, the crowd erupted at the site of Bjorn Strid, the towering singer for Soilwork. "We're Soilwork from Sweden. You must be the USA," Strid said, borrowing a line from "Spinal Tap," after the metalers ripped through "Stabbing the Drama," the opening salvo of a thunderous set that sparked frenzied circle pits, horn throwing and crowd-surfing. (Even Jada's husband, Will Smith, was banging his head offstage.) Minutes after Soilwork capped things off with "As We Speak," Buffalo, New York, hardcore heathens It Dies Today delivered a brutal, breakdown-dense battering via "Freak Gasoline Fight Accident."

Source: MTV.COM

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Wicked Wisdom desided 2 flip their style and do the Ozzfest thing. If they can't win over an audience, then they need 2 consider what they are doing.

Back in the day, during the Soul Train Awards, MC Hammer waz booed when he won an award. This waz after he blew up. However, later in the show, he had 2 perform. And he turned that audience around with he performance. They went from dissing him 2 praising him. That's what a real artist can do. Sure their are people who already have their mind made up without hearing music and seeing a performance, but if they could take control of the situation with their performance, then that's not a good sign.

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Well I kinda figured so...Cos I heard her first couple of songs they seem 2 me like RnB/Soft Rock. But when she announced that she was going on tour with Ozzfest I knew she was gonna change her style. Jada got booed cos who she was married 2.

Metal heads most likely think that Jada just has this band becos of Will. Which is sad 2 say but more than likely it's true. Will is a rapper most Metal Heads think rap is 1 letter off from crap. They probably figured Jada is like a bored celebrity that thinks she is metal.

O hopefully thats all that is going 2 happen is just boos. I mean I would never want 2 see Jada get booed but it is better than sum idiot throwing a beer bottle at her head. And Jada handle her self well didn't let the crowd get 2 her Good 4 her I say :thumbsup2: Will enjoied the show he was nodding his head.

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