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Will Smith's New Production Company

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AHH Stray News: Will Smith's New Film Company, LL Cool J, Gloria Velez, Snoop Dogg

By Nolan Strong

Date: 7/16/2005 1:00 pm

Will Smith is leading a group of investors to form The Momentum Experience, a new company that will distribute films and movies straight-to-DVD. Smith, along with Tisha Campbell, Duane Martin, Blair Underwood and producers D'Angela Steed and Nia Hil formed the company out of a desire to control images of African-Americans in film. The company will distribute the films in non-traditional venues, such as playhouses and concert theaters. The company plans on showcasing live artists and comedians before each film as well.


I was browsing allhiphop.com and ran across this. Will's just makin money all kinda ways.

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Thanks for that fuq, Big Will making big moves again that's why he's the biggest hustla in the game, not Jigga, Master P, or Cassidy, lol, it's nice that he's gettting his friends involved in it too! :2thumbs:

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