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"White Lie"


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True story, tell me how you like it.

“White Lie”

Written by Mike Petrow


Gather round y'all, I’ve got a story to tell

I asked her out around the 25th of June

But now I regret, forever’s too soon

She was a girl in my grade who will have no name

After this song, “it was me” they’ll claim

So anyway, back to my tale

She liked me and I didn’t like her back

I needed some booty and that’s a fact

It was a summer romance, at least for her

My friends said I was stupid, now I concur

I saw her, once that summer, we walked in town

Only for an hour till her dad came around

She goes, “I love you bye, ill talk to you later”

I said it, didn’t mean it, couldn’t admit I hate ‘er

(Chorus) x2

She never knew it was a white lie

And what I really thought could make her cry

Its time to say goodbye, this time I do know why

She dumped me right before I did the same

She still liked me, but It wouldn’t work, I didn’t get the blame

Im a sick f*ck, I was so happy that we split

I was retrospecting how’d I think she was legit?

But anyway, the next year I went on to high school

Guess what I did? You’ll never believe it

Goal to ask her out again, looked like I achieved it

Same reason again, she likes me and I needed ass

I’d see her in the hall and id walk by fast

Im f*ckin sick, you can’t f*ck with someone heart

Looks like I did though

5 "our fathers" Alright, here i go

At least I know what I did was wrong

I can’t believe I did that stupid deal with the ab and the thong

At least you’ll hear this and now you will know

If I ever liked you, the answer is no

(Chorus) x4

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I needed some booty and that’s a fact

Don't we all. :wink:

What do U need booty for? U recognize porn stars.

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GOT ME SOLID THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! :lolsign: :lolsign: **Gotta think of a comeback** :hmm: Too late. :thumbsdown:

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ok well i liked the whole "theme" towards this the opening line is whack start with a date or something to describe the situation so people know where your comign from good job tho

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