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Xzibit showing respect 2 Will?

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sup yall? long time...

i dunno if its been posted b4

but chack out a lil quote from Xzibit's songs called: Criminal Set

form he's last albums "Weapons of Mass Destruction"


I heard the O.G.'s they don't hit

And I'm the only one left from the West that you can't **** with

But lately I've been feelin like Will Smith

Why bother with rap when I can get 20 mill' on a flick?


whats yall think about it?

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O yeah I heard this b4. But Will n Xzibit are friends... Remember he made a guest appearance on Will n Jada's show "All of Us".

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yeah i am not sure X to the z (somethimes i watch mtv :1-say-yes: ) diss Will,he is cool

btw i can use that to post and Estelle 2.jpg (really dope singer from UK ) sings about Will but she definitely admire him the song 1980 (1 of my fav) :

1980 year that God made me

89 i started to get by

99 i started to write rhymes

walk with me reminice my life

So then we moved up

I thought I was the Fresh Prince


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Yeah Will and X are friends they were on TRL together

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