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What do JJ & FP and GTA have in common?

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[quote=Daedalus Mortality,Jun 8 2004, 03:32 PM]Arnt you guys allways Crying about violance in music and such? Well Violance in Video games is much worse since people dont even listen to Lyrics. And since Will has allways kept his songs Gun fee and such then why put jjfp in this game?[/quote]
You don't quite get GTA do ya?

The music has nothing to do with the actions in the game. It's just radio stations playing music from the year the game is set in.
If you were to the radio on right now, I bet that the music has no relation to what you are doing right now.....................same as in GTA.

Take Vice City for example, It was set in the 80's, so they had loads of 80's music. I mean since when did Cindi Lauper or Micheal Jackson's music have anything to do with killing gang members?
Besides, the GTA games have never been serious, it's cartoon like violence. And we all know JJ & FP are always up for a laugh.

I been thinking about which JJ & FP tune(s) would feature. Seeing as the game is set in the early 90's, I'd say we looking at something from Code Red. And what was the biggest, most famous hit from Code Red? Yup Boom, Shake The Room!

I'll put money on that tune being in there. Edited by the real big willie
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