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Wtf..Tupac?Diss Trak against G-Unit,Shady,After..!

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I can`t believ it..I just downloadet a Track ..

Ok in the talking part at the begining i can`t`recognise his voise BUT in the raping part that comes next..That`s clearly Pac!!!After him comes another Mc and at the end comes Pac again!

He disses G-Unit/Shady Aftermath!

Here is the song..


How can this be a fake?

Or is it maybe just a guy that sounds completly like Pac?

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i listened to this, the beggining doesnt sound like pac at all. but when the rappin starts it does sound like him. i dont think its him.

EDIT: i just looked at my itunes to look at the song, the title they named it is

"Tha Realest (F Swoop G N Twist" so it is the realest, good ear fuq. and the beggining part is a little weird it sounds like they are having sex.

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I'm with Fuq...b4 i even opened this post, i thought it woudl be The Realest....the most obvious 2Pac wanna be ever. Deathrow signed him back in the late 90's just so they could have a 2Pac styled artist. Quite a pathetic move.

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