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FuQ - Rapper Turns Like A DJ


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This is one track I'm gonna add to my JJFP rendition mixtape.


May 15, 2004 (9:05 p.m.) - May 16, 2004 (12:11 a.m.)

What do U learn wit emotion, contain power in the pen U holdin'

Release thoughts to paper, nothing lost, nothing stolen

Put in a place between lines, keep words confined

Then the beat goes, U let it flow wit a rhyme

At times feel like a sellout cuz U change the bars

in every song, tellin who or what U R

People, places, and things, whatever it is, it comes wit static

Let it spit, but it's still one, subjects R not a habit

of an artist's dreams and reality, dare to doubt U

Wherever they've been, wouldn't be there without U

Even cutted or transformed, a new body is born

Grow from reproduction, nothing is ever mourned

Get played in, like a fade-in, testin the competition

Never avoid creativity, it's not like superstition

Let it pave a new path, don't turn the other way

Let music take it's course, a rapper turns like a DJ

I'm the type of cut, that a DJ will play

until the crowd becomes fickle and they're turnin' away

Want to develop the times and keep the same rhyme

or develop the rhyme and keep the same time

They get blinded when it's rewinded, and hear it again

No knowledge of music, where the hell have y'all been

Ain't no friends in da fame, to them it's a game

Play ya records like emotion, then fill em wit shame

Can U be blamed for bein' bomb, them for holdin on

That's ok, they don't know what they got until it's gone

Could call it a theory, but it's been proven

Minor set backs, but everything is still movin'

Who was it then, Who is it now?, whose got the best style?

The one that's makin money or the one that's movin the crowd

Holdin the mic proud, the only 4ever is now

Never forgettin', one continuation going around

Mixin' and matchin, blendin' and scratchin'

Somethin new arise, should U ask how it happened?

No concern if it's played the right way

U might say, a rapper turns like a DJ

Anything out the ordinary that's rare, isn't compared

Not even 2nd guessed, just gets bad stares

Let it tear open a bright flame, enlighten the game

Can't be tamed at the bottom, it was born 2 reign

Style is not wishin, style is a mission

Like a dart aimed for the bull's eye, concentration keeps it hittin'

Want it then go get her, got her then don't quit her

Nurture ya music on ya own, don't call a sitter

Stay there if ya care, be here wit no fear

See the eyes of what's real when U look in a mirror

Sometimes music gets doubled like an echo

They want more cuz they're not ready to let go

Advance placement, not basic, how far should U take it?

If they accept it, how far before they break it

Maybe there's more to it, this rappin just how to do it

This thing called the body and just how to move it

If there was one way, there'd be no way for existence

Variety is hard work, not expensive

Lovin the feelin, listen to the record play

A Rapper Turns Like A DJ

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