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the damn funniest thing I've ever read!


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god I hope that no one has posted this before but it is funny and true!!!

here is what it says

title:No wonder he's so pissed off all the time

The UK newspaper the Mirror reports that Kesia Alvarez, an ex-girlfriend of rapper Eminem, cliams the platinium-selling blonde MC isn't exactly a sexual dynamo. "I taught him alot-an awful lot." Alvarez, who dated the rapper for 16 months, told the paper. "He has a very tiny thing, nothing to tell your girlfriends about, and when we were together he sometimes suffered from premature ejaculation." She also claimed that Eminem was "a big user of Ecstasy and cocaine, as well as perscription downers, Xanax and Valium."

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Well thats pretty funny :rofl: . I remember Em did say he has a "tiny thingy"on MTV I think he was talking 2 Sway. I know they say honesty is the best policy. But damn man that sum stuff u should keep to yourself. Now I understand y he's mad all time. Like Jazzy Julie put it he's just jealous cos the call WS "Big Willie" n none of his ex's said anything bad about it...I mean him :wink:

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