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Nelly vs Grange Hill

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seeing as a few peeps have been putting up remixes lately i thought i would make a contribution, the UK members will probably appreciate this more because Grange Hill is a children's/teenagers programme that's been shown for years over here,

so here it is: Nelly's Country Grammar mixed with the theme tune to Grange Hill

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that's nuts! cheers Michelle! :lolsign:

They've changed the grange hill music now tho... not that I watched the last series or anything... hehe

yeah i think this is the OLD one, you know like when Mark Fowler from Eastenders was in it! It was different to this when us lot were younger!

haha, you're a closet Grange Hill fan!!! :lolsign:

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This soulwax dude hs put some weird songs together. Try & get hold of the Beastie Boys intergalactic remix he did, he added tracks by Herbie Hancock, ACDC and more to it, sounds ace.

This grange hill nelly one is pretty scary for anyone thinking of putting them together but works so well, nice one Michelle.

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