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Westwood @ Homelands: Grandmaster Flash,Jazzy Jeff

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Some new jazzy jeff for you lot

on the main page there is a listen to radio 1 again link click the first one

"Westwood @ Homelands: Grandmaster Flash, Jazzy Jeff"
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oh yeah... thank u 4 da link! I liked Flash's performance, too... should mix a lil more, cuz his playlist was great.

Jeff is on a different label... he juggels every song... I can't imagine dat an other dj on earth, can make a fresher live mix.... mostly Hip Hop classics... daz da way I like it! He also spins "deep cover"... funny... like dat track. Everything.... incredible. Da perfect party mix.

Thanx 4 da link!

Peace n one love!

Fresh Stecki
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Woops how did i forget to put the actual link silly me :dunno:
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It's nice to know people only reply to my posts cus they are bored :toetap:
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