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Jonny/Scy vs gscotty/frshprncecharming


Who won the battle?  

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  1. 1. Who won the battle?

    • Jonny/Scy
    • gscott/frshprncecharming

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Yeah, OK, So I'm the first to write

I'll be so far ahead I'll be out of your sight.

The Cross-Pond Connection's the brand new name

Just poppin' our head in to conquer this game.

From a lane in the UK to a street in Boston

The difference is minimal, you got that son?

Gscotty and Charming now who are these guys?

We'll swat 'em with newspaper, like a couple of flies.

They'll look at the poll and be like, "What!? No Votes!?"

Yeah, Me and Scy beat you, now go get your coats.

I've called you a taxi and it's comin' right round

The folk here have grown tired of your awful sound.

Luckily for you the taxi comes early

The bouncers are agitated and they're big and burly.

Later on, Me and Scy cruise past in the Pimptastic Ford Taurus

Now go to the top, select our names, and vote for us!

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Wow, that rhyme was so weak,

Stop rappin' Jonny 5, you do not deserve to speak,

Why'd you join this battle? Did you think you could win?

I have so much to say I dont know where begin,

I'll start with your picture, It explains everything,

It explains how your a chicken and your used to losing,

"Scy", don't think I forgot about you,

If Jonny's on your team, then you probably suck too,

I'm glad Hero 1 made "Jonny 5" the first to spit,

Me and Charm are dying sick, laughing at it,

You call that rap? Where did you learn?

Do you need some help? This is a real concern,

Call the taxi back and tell him you don't need one,

I don't ride in taxis, I ride in limos son,

Tell the limo that hes takin me and Charm to the next round,

Our people here have grown sick, and tired of your "awful sound."

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Scotty, your words ooze with brash confidence,

You're in for a shock, cuz you're about to be dismissed,

I'd be remiss, if I gave you no warning of this,

The cross-pond, breakin you lyrically, it's strictly business,

You try to come at my partner with your weak chicken diss,

But the fact remains: the chicken's rhymes hit, and yours miss,

I see that you think otherwise, but when the voters decide,

I know they'll make the right choice: Scy and Jonny 5,

So forget your dreams of limos and all of those lies,

We still got the taxi waiting for the time of your demise,

When you inevitably realize, that we're better than you guys,

And your falsely inflated ego is brought down to proper size,

Charm, I guess you're up next, but don't work yourself tired,

This battle's done, like Game 5 after Horry caught fire,

Two lines left? I guess I could make a New Jersey crack,

But nope, not doing that, I'm too much of a class act.

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This ain't Short Circuit Jonny 5 is dead

He brings a whole new meaning to the phrase chicken head

He tried to come in here and blow the whistle before it's done

Big Bird called a taxi and now he thinks that he's won

The hell are you talking about with your "pimptastic Ford Taurus"

You better swing back to Sesame street, don't forget your pink fadoras

Like Horry fourth quarter I'm coming in the clutch

Like Miller though he's older still pulls the trey up

I'ma Hotshot I'm like Charlie Sheen

Scotty's like a Transformer, More Than Meets the Eye, he's more than what he seems

Scy you say you're class act, but for a fact I know you're not

You'll end up having to vote for yourself cause no one else thinks that you're hot

I hope you kept the taxi I hope you kept it by the door

because I kicked the chair from under yous and now you're crawling on the floor

Rapping's a man's game and these fishes have beached themselves on the shore

Final seconds scy and J I'll be nice and let you live to see the score.

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I had a very hard time deciding this one.

:metoo: This is a tight one!

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