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Exclusive New Tatyana Ali & Kel Spencer Track!

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thanx 4 this track Tim!! i guess i don't like it as much as every1 else tho. this would be good at a club but i don't like the beat that much, Tatyana sings 2 much, and Kel's verse was just OK 2 me. i think it'll grow on me, but i'll probably have 2 play it in the car 2 enjoy it the most.

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Very very nice. I like it. A nice track to create a buzz. DJ's need to get this on their mixtape.

btw, did he say Kwame at the end? It sure sounded like it.

Hopefully they'll do this song to an original beat in the future. I liked to hear Tatyana on a serious singing song too. Just to prove she hasn't lost it.

I guess we can call her "Naughty Taty" now.

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Swizz Beatz better go get off his @$$ and produce a track for Tatyana Ali's new album.

Yeah. Her saying **** was an instant surprise. I had to drag the WMPlayer mark back a few seconds to make sure. Now it only leaves me wondering whether Kel or Will will curse anytime soon.

Flash from OHHLA, if you're reading this. Check this one out.

What's the expiration for this file? If need to, I'll put it on Limewire.

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Guest Sidartha

Cassidy is not a fake gangsta,

yes he is wanted for murder, but he gave himself in. I doubt he did it, and even if he did, then he wouldnt be a fake gangsta now would he? then he would be a real one.

And' saying i'm a hussla while you grew up in a suburb makes you a fake gangsta? first of all a hussla is not a gangsta, you could have never commited a crime in your life and still be a hussler. Second of all, you could have grown up in the suburbs and still join a gang (because your a loser.) Furthermore Will did act like he was really poor, even tough you say he's from the suburbs (I don't know if he is.)

My opinion:

Kel's verse is hot, but to short, tatiana sings stupid lyrics (but I hate rnB singers like this anyway so thats just taste.)

And the mixing isn't done that well.

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