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Takes All I've Got

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It takes all I've got not to reach for the gold elixer

I finish one job, but three come just a little quicker

Two friends fell and I'm left to pour a little liquor

Thats bad, but by the end its gonna be hella thicker

I can't get this life straight, every where I turn I find hate

Sometimes I fear I'll be seeing those pearly gates

Don't know about Atlas, I'm buckling under this weight

It takes all I've got not to feel the ease of the slip knot

Find my body in the air as it starts to rot

Thining line between a shot of bourbon and a gun shot

Thining line between driving home and a glove box

It takes all I've got not to free myself like a friend who left on the Eve of Hallow

One bullet and gone, but if she asked I might have followed

It takes all I've got ... until I remember: There's always tomorrow

It takes all I've got.

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