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hey da brakes..when Will did girls live in london with jeff and biz he actually rapped the original lyrics!

Really!! I didn't click!! I guess I was just too excited to remember! but I do remember him spitting those lyrics at Westwood! I didn't realise tho that this was from the original version of girls! I guess Will always liked this version better!

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Yeh, when they did this at the I, Robot thing, i thought they were different lyrics

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wow, the lyrics are dope, haven't got round to downloading it yet (did i mention i have dialup?!).  as I'm really busy with revising and stuff hopefully it'll still be there when I'm ready for it! cheers

If the download expires before you get to it, just let me know and i'll set you straight. no worries and i'm glad everybody's diggin it.

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Nice one D Butcher. I dont think this ever came out on a CD Comp anywhere so it was a matter of time before someone had to do a good rip job off a 12" version.

Great stuff, cheers :jazzy:

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