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Don’t Doubt Will Smith

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i'm sick from all will smith's heaters

so i wrote this:

btw its not done yet

[Verse I]

There are a lot of people how doubt Will Smith

But don’t doubt him or u gonna hit

Lots say that he don’t do rap and his game is whack

But don’t lie to you’re self this man can act

This man can rap

Let go out and watch “Hitch”

Later we can drive out and scream “You Saw My Blinker B!tch”

At the club we could dance with “Switch”

We can do it until we get rich

And if it’s not enough we can Getting Jiggy Wit It

At midnight we gon’ have a nightmare in our street

Its all be good if u just don’t doubt Will Smith

[Verse II]

Ok lets talk about some big hits, how about summertime

Or “I’m looking for the one”, yeah this song is fine

Coz “I came to get down” yeah I like that line

Or how about “The Rain” nah it’s not a good example the sun is shine

Hu I know lets go dance with “Party Starter”

Yeah that’s right Will is gonna make you party harder

And if u don’t have any cool moves its ok u can listen to “If U Can’t Dance”

Ask Will all u gotta do is just slide here your chance

Just take your ass to the dance floor

Still need help? Just knock my door

Or ring my bell

Yeah, this song is done well

“if I don’t believe what u believe I’m going to hell”

This is “Ms. Holly Roller” this song were good at sell

Aight now

Let’s talk about thins in him that are not the same

Lets talk the only man who stand up agents Eminem

In two word Will Smith is just THE MAN

So dont doubt that man try to be one of his fans

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I imagine english isnt ya 1st language. I saw minor grammatical errors. So props for at least that.

"But don’t doubt him or u gonna hit" - just add 'or u gonna get hit'

The rhyme was fine. Raps dont have to be all advanced. U could rap the simplist lyrics and still come at it. For an early rap, it's just fine.

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