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Wills performing Switch @ NBA Finals

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hmmm, i did want party starter but this is still better than nothing, I guess he thinks there's still life in the old dog (switch) yet? Is it possible switch still hasn't peaked on the US charts? If it hasn't then this would make a bit more sense...

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Stevie Wonder (bio), Will Smith, Alanis Morissette and Kelly Clarkson are among the artists scheduled to perform during this year's NBA finals, which get underway June 9. Smith will perform his recent single "Switch" before Game One, and Morissette will follow with the national anthem. Clarkson will sing the national anthem before Game Two, and Wonder will perform his latest single, "So What the Fuss," before Game Three.


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I'm not even going to watch!!!!!

We have all seen it 100000000 times!

STOP!!! This won't help sales.

Its just stupid, I'm really angry, and soo should evry one else be.

Will just spoiled this great opportunity to showcase one of his best songs from the album and one of the best of his solo career.

Pretty stupid, Will...

sorry its the truth, and the truth hurts.

Fans wan't new music, not the same song over and over.

Pretty STUPID.

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What are y'all talking about Party Starter isn't a single yet. Basically this is only song he can perform. I will watch it if I have the chance. I don't know about y'all.

Party Starter is coming out sometime this month. What better unveiling than a stage as big as the NBA finals. Also, Will has performed Party Starter before... so there's no reason that he can't again.

More likely than not, the NBA asked him to specifically perform Switch.

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calm down ppl. It's not a dumb move by Wll. Right now it's the only move he could make. The thing is, Switch is still the single he's marketing. You cannot perform a song a lot of people do not know yet. You perform the songs people have heard before. You perform the hits to a large audience first. Not the unknown songs. BTW, Detroit won... I hate them :mad:

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