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The Beastie Boys are one of my fave groups, and their new single took time but has grown on me, can't wait for their new album.

As for them not being anything anymore, thats rubbish, its just so cool for the rap scene and music industry in general that a bunch of guys who im guessing are knocing on the age of 40 quite soon are still cool and looked upto by the youth. Another reason whilst Sony made the mistake of letting Will go when he was 33.

You guys have also gotta realise that the Beastie Boys started off as a punk-hardcore group in New York in the Early 80's which is one of the reason's their music is so varied.

"May the old skool continue to run ragged on todays music scene"
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i grew up listening to the beastie boys..especially the 1st album..i used to be able to rap paul revere when i was 9..i love that 1st album... and i love all the instrumentals on ill communication..cant wait for the new album..
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While i'm not a big fan of their's, i think it's safe 2 say that they have stayed pretty true 2 what they've always been about which i believe is the key 2 their success just as any artist from the old skool who is still around these days...Fresh Prince, L.L. Cool J, etc. Alot of old skool cats try 2 keep new stuff comin' but it's not always on the level we expect...M.C. Hammer and Rob Base + DJ EZ-Rock for instance have relased music in the last few years and in my opinion, it is good, but not always on the level their old stuff waz. I welcome that stuff anyday over any of 2days Ludacrises, Chingys, Eminems, Jay-Zs tho.'
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