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Ludacris - The Red Light District


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If any of ya'll was thinking about getting the new Luda CD, Do So, it is amazing, a track by track:

Intro: Probably Luda's best flow on the album with the lines "Last Album They Didnt Like Me To Tell This, A Number 1 Album Which Sold More Records Than Elvis"

Number One Spot: Ya'll already heard this Joint..a crazy Austin Powers sorta feeling to it haha

Get That: Ya'll heard this as well....an Aggresive track to listen to if you are anoyed. otherwise its not that important at all

Put Your Money: Ludacris and DMX are a good connection, but its a shame that X only does the chorus with Luda, then again he is "Semi" retired from rap...only making music to go with his movies...

Blueburry Yum Yum: A song about drugs and what happends if you take them...Luda raps in a comedic fashion as usual...a good track to listen to, Catchy.

Child Of The Night: Ya Heard "Area Codes" With Nate Dogg. but a bit more of a seriouis track...The first of the album really and it hits you hard once listenin to, Once again Nate Dogg sings the perfect melody.

The Potion: The little sample ya'll heard after the "Number 1 Spot" video....the track is purely amazing in my eyes "Hey Shorty How it is"...i could listen to this song most of the time....

Pass Out: A Good club song....telling us that he wont stop untill he "Passes Out"

Skit: A Funny comedic skit to listen to...but a bit to rude for ya'll children out there...

Spur Of The Moment: A Classic beat from DJ Quik, with a flow from Luda's new talent Kimmi...good song to listen to defitenly a hot track....

Who Not Me: A Great Beat for ya'll wanabe rappers to listen to...if you respect the beats on Luda's previous album, this one is clearly a song for the haters....

Large Amounts: A Bit but off with the begining, but at the end it is a good solid track to listen to "In This Life 1 Thing Count, In The Bank, Large Amounts" over and over again for the chours

Pimpin' All Over The World: A good song with Luda's Bobby Valentino hooking him up with the Chorus....its sort of easy to find out what its about.

Two Miles An Hour: A Flow from trick daddy makes this song alive....pure lyrics from Trick Daddy once again, a slow beat to make sure you can understand the lyrics they are speaking

Hopeless: A Song not for the faint hearted, "Life Seems Hopeless Empty Beer Bottles and Roaches" a very depressing song but its deep, no doubt in that

Virgo: A suprisging appearance by the very own Doug E Fresh and Nas...good flows from both of them as expected....

The Whole Album: a definite must buy...not a problem in that!!!!

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I just can't get in2 Ludaris. Some of his lyrics are funny...but can't say anything good other than that. I can't stand his voice and dirty south flow. Don't even bet my started on his production. After seeing him perform live, i knew everything i needed 2 know 2 form my opinion.

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I can't front on this..I've been bumping this album for a couple weeks now! I got it when it first came out, but didn't really listend to it untill last week or so! I love it! Some filler tracks tho, like the one with DMX (not my type of rapper)!

Overall, it's an good album! :jazzy:

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