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Okay, so I tried to come up with a rap song. Now I know this is extremely stupid, but I was just having some fun with this concept. Please don't take my lyrics seriously, but see them lightly, more as a humour. And I am genuinely sorry if any of the members here got offended by it.

Hey yo Jamie,

How ya doing homie,

Weathers real sunny,

So lets go cruisy,

In your brand new Benzie,

So gimme the key.

What you be meanin,

That I don't know drivin,

But ya saw me playin,

Need For Speed where I was shinin

So get in the car and stop whinin.

Now lets see what we have here,

A round thingie and somethin like a gear,

A stick poppin up and pedals somewhere near,

Man this is just confusing, I need a beer,

Aah that was refreshing, now lets start this sh*t,

Keys in ignition and time to floor it,

Whoa What Happened? Why should'nt I gas it?

Alright I'll hit the brakes, wait did ya heard it?

Sounded like a dog, why you cryin girl,

Holy sh*t!!! I think I'm gonna hurl,

Look what ya dog did, bitch I'mma kill,

It messed up my wheels, now it's all ill.

Guts and liver, all over the rubber,

Bitch shut up, or I'm gonna clobber,

Ho I'm suing you and your f*ckin family,

Wait, you don't even know what a ho is? Bitchie?

Why don't you run along and ask your stupid Mom.

That's how your daddy met her, and not in a prom.

Man, I'm gonna go now, so stop with your drama

One hundred grand lawsuit, for all this fu*kin trauma.

Could you believe that girl, Imma kick some asses,

What d'ya mean I'm blind, Sh*t I forgot my glasses.

Hold on the wheels bud, I gotta wear my specs,

What the hell you doing, now look at this wreck,

We're sorry for the postbox, but we did you a favour,

Stop living in the stoneages, better get yourself an e-mailer.

The lady's still screamin, dude what's her problem,

Yo pull out those CD's, I'm gonna pop em,

Yeah, that's Big Wille, listen to his joints,

Stuff is just awesome, he gets straight to the point.

Lets roll down the windows, of this cool Benzo,

Wanna check out some honeys, Yo scope that sexy ho!

Damn she's so fine, I think I saw a thong,

What was that thud? I think somethings wrong,

Wait a min, J, I missed that school crossing,

Lookie back there, that kids got ketchup on his shirting.

Once again, lots of apologies, but remember, that it was only a joke.

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