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LL Cool J-Rock The Bells Live!

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Well his focus in music has been pretty strong I'd say, it'll be interesting to see what he does on his next album, there's no doubt that he's gonna keep on rhyming, he said it himself many times that he plans to still rap when he's 60 years old, I'd rather hear him doing a collabo on a song/album with Queen Latifah rather than co-starring in a movie with her, but it's all good though. I found an interview with LL a couple years ago on yahoo where he gives props to FP:

"LAUNCH: Another amazing example is Will Smith, who came from hip-hop and ended up getting an Oscar nomination. People give Will a hard time, but if you look at his evolution, it's pretty amazing.

LL: I think that Will is a tremendous artist. I have a lot of respect for him. I reached out to him to do a record with me. I think that, more importantly, the rap community as a whole needs to take a look at what he's accomplished as a man. There's a lot of examples to be taken from that. And I think that he represents something good in this music, 'cause he's shown that you can do anything coming from this music. I mean, he's a DJ, rapping, he has own interpretation. I respect Will for what he does. Bottom line, I stand by him for what he's accomplished and for what he's doing. I'm not going to listen to anyone who's trying to take potshots at his image just because he makes music that isn't necessarily violent or negative or gangster or whatever you want to call it, 'cause I don't think that's real, and coming from where I'm come from in rap music, I know it got nothing to do with being a real rapper. What you rap about it is what you rap about, but that doesn't mean you have skills. You can have skills and talk about a lot of different things, a myriad of things--some people do gangster records that have a lot of skills, some people that do gangster records don't have a lot of skills. Those skills can be applied to anything. A great guitar player can play a lot of different type of licks. The skill is still there, it's just the kind of music they play. So that's the way I look at it."

Thats cool thanks!

He sayd those things about Will also in his book!

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Man that performance is awesome!!!! man he really rocked the mic!!!!!

I wonder if there are also such JJFP performances...

and LL tells the truth man! he and FP are both from the same time. they know what its all about!

JJFP Rock The House

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