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Can't Hold Us Back


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That song will be on my EP I'm working on, set for end-2006.

Can’t Hold Us Back

The Fab Man feat. Joe


Yo People We're Back

And Ready To Attack

Can't Hold Us Back

Verse 1 – The Fab Man

When me and Joe weren’t here you had fun

But now we’re back so – let’s go – run

Do You Have Fear ?

You Should cause we are near

You dissed us but your stuff is whack

But no Fear because We Are Back

Saving the People From ya crappy Rap

We make the audience shake

Our music’s not a fake

You should think what you say

Because, boy, hey

Nobody wants a MC who talks ****

And in the Rap world you don’t really fit

That was the first verse

You see – verbal attacks with only one curse

Try to make somethin’ like dis Boy

Cause when me and Joe rap together

You can’t hold us back

We’re like Sigfried and Roy

Bonnie & Clide, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde

And are gonna Fight!


Chorus x2

Verse 2 – Joe

yo you know you cant hold me and the fabman back

but boy, try and diss me you gonna go back to the rugsack

ive had enough, all you haters must be dreaming

you getting so anxious, just like a dope addict, fiendin

i dont get it, how other MC's try and disrespect me

im not a crinimal, my flows subliminal, you suspected me

of me beating you in one of these freestyle battle

you remember when, i wanted to meet you in seatle

but i beat you and thats all...but you cant hold us back

tell me do you feel awkward, because its understanding

but im, never demanding, just my flows outstanding

did you fart? theres a draft? then you laughed

thats it, do you people know that raps my craft?

mess with me, your face will be facing the concrete

but i dont wana be discreet about it,

not another repeat

its like them damn shows always on re runs

i aint gonna run in a club and then shoot wit them guns

see me, imma be in one of them lyricist corners

but, back up before your nan will be one of those mourners

im running this rap game, just like a cruisade

me the commander of the ship, better have one of them parades

Chorus x4

Yo Fabman, lets go to italy and get a pizza, im hungry, J-o-e, fabman we out

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Okay, I'm gonna be real on this one!

Fab Man: Since English isn't your first language, you did...well okay! You might just wanne use some more vocabulary or rap in your own language!

Joe: You did your thing as always...why don't you help Fab out on his verse...give him some tips and hints... because if you guys record it this way, you will have the better verse and outshine him on his own song...Just my thoughts here!

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