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Shed A Tear

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i finally got past my block, be TOTALLY honest, don't bite ur tongue, remember that it's the first thing i've written and completed in months lol

Shed A Tear

when bad things happen is it okay to cry?

when a life is sacrificed and innocent people die

would it be a waste of time to get angry over war?

simply because i've lost sight of what it is we're fighting for

would it really matter if another mother killed her baby?

is it really just post-partum or is she really crazy?

how many more people have to die before there's a cure for cancer?

when can i pose this question and finally get a positive answer?

do you really care that AIDS is eating people alive?

grown men raping babies, but we turn our heads and close our eyes

Amber Alert, another little girl found dead, she'd been abused

she was just out with her friend, her daddy killed them, i'm confused

is it unfair to cry because my tears won't bring them back home?

this happens everyday, does that make it ok, do i just move on?

will any of this stick with you, did it make you more aware?

if it were you or someone you knew, would that make you care?

if tomorrow never comes, is it enough to have today?

if you don't believe in God, does it still count when you pray?

are you a victim of yourself, do you believe everything you hear?

this poem was written to make you think...not to make you shed a tear


*also i may expand it but i'm not sure, it's kinda Tell Me Why inspired but i feel like it's incomplete

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You put a lot of heart into that, very thought provoking, nice job! :2thumbs:

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thnx, i'm still brainstorming cuz i feel like i didn't put enough into it, there's just so much more i want to say, and yeah J-O-E it can be really frustrating, esp. for mths on end, glad to see someone can relate cuz you guys all write great stuff

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